Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy 100th Blog Entry…to me!

100th post! Can you freaking believe? Well, a few of you can because you are still here reading after a year. I guess I should do something monumental. Maybe a tribute? Naw, I will do something shallow and simple.

To honor my 100th post here is a list of a 100 things about me, Jen, who obsessively watches baseball, who likes to gossip, mock people and well…just read the list and you will find it out

1. I am first and foremost a Minnesota Twins fan
2. I started this blog on January 29, 2007
3. I call Joe Mauer “Baby Jesus” and I sincerely hope it doesn’t offend anyone but that’s how the cookie crumbles
4. I ride the Ghetto #5 bus and I actually like it. It gives me great stories to share
5. I read trashy romance novels and I am only slightly ashamed of that fact
6. I hate the suburbs
7. I got to happy hour every Monday night at Rossi’s with the Monday Night Happy Hour Crew (my judgmental co-workers are just jealous because they aren’t included)
8. I love Brit rock!!! All of it, classic, indie, pop…
9. The only charitable contribution I am giving to right now is for purely selfish reasons (MPR’s 89.3 The Current, I like the free CD)
10. Amy made me like her nerdy Sci-Fi shows and I haven’t forgiven her
11. I have a crush on Geof from the FoodNetwork show “Ace of Cakes”
12. My Sidekick cell phone has an AC/DC Highway to Hell cover
13. I like knowing someone who knows someone who knows bands and musicians
14. My first ever blog started on March 10, 2005 and it is still going strong (I don’t discuss baseball on there unless I talk about why I am hung-over)
15. I have been working in the Land O’Cubicles (my office) for almost eight years (I celebrated my 21st birthday in a cubicle)
16. I played racquetball for fun but then I spent more time making up songs and dances that I never won
17. Coffee is the first thing I think about in the morning and I am not ashamed of that
18. I still tell the story of how I got backstage at the Duran Duran concert two years ago
19. I like movies and television shows where things explode
20. I work in downtown Minneapolis in the IDS Building (3rd floor only)
21. I find myself blogging about mullets more than I should
22. For the last five years I have celebrated by birthday by going to a Twins game
23. I have a giant foam finger (for Twins games) and I am not afraid to use it
24. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 25
25. I have read the Harry Potter books but not the Lord of the Rings series
26. I “heart” Orlando Bloom
27. I am almost OCD when it comes to my morning routine (Awake – 5:30, Dry hair – 6:15, prepare coffee – 6:35, walk out door – 6:41)
28. I hate deer
29. I am kind of pissed that when I did all my traveling around Europe I didn’t have a digital camera
30. I have vacationed in Walnut Grove, MN and have worn a bonnet running through the fields in simulation to Little House on the Prairie…twice
31. I have had my nose pierced for a few years now and I often forget that I have it until I get a weird look from a new person in my office
32. The first CD I got was the Sound of Music soundtrack
33. My favorite sushi roll is the Lobster Roll from Martini Blu
34. I like to drink Cider, Blue Moon, Riesling wine, Vodka tonics
35. I really, really like Chic flicks but I hate slapstick comedy (with few exceptions)
36. I keep spamming my friends about the following bands: The Feeling, the Kooks, 22-20s, the Fratellis and Travis.
37. My job title is Communications Consultant
38. My favorite CSI show is CSI: New York (and that’s mostly because the detectives are hotter)
39. I am a little weirded out by the fact my Aunt Karin and I have similar taste in guys
40. I love the smell of vanilla frosting, freshly mowed grass and lilacs
41. I like using the term Hillbilly Heroin
42. I have been brainwashed by the giant company I work for to say “Holiday” instead of “Christmas”
43. I take baseball very personally and any attacks made on the sport, the Twins or my fan-ness will be met with an unfiltered response. Be warned
44. I live for office gossip
45. I hate nature
46. Evidently I have a “type” – struggling musicians
47. I take revenge very seriously
48. I keep trying to give away my cat but I would be sad if someone really took her
49. My niece Lucy is the coolest person in the world (hey, a toddler that sings “Livin on a Prayer” “Listen to the Money Talk” and “Margaretville”…yeah, that’s damn cool)
50. I swear. A lot
51. I am entirely way too dependent on spell-check
52. Sometimes spell-check pisses me off and I wish I could issue it a challenge
53. Chuck Norris jokes make me laugh (Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink)
54. Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy make me laugh harder (If you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, Mr. Brave man, I guess I’m a coward.)
55. I am not scared of clowns. I am scared of clowns that stand off by themselves and wave at children and then follow them home to kill their family…thanks to that episode of Supernatural.
56. I am obsessed with hating the Wiggles
57. The cake part of a cupcake is empty calories, it is all about the frosting
58. My co-workers like to put me in hypothetical situations that scare me, just to see how I would react
59. I automatically hate the Yankees but I am trying to be a little more open-minded
60. I think in an interview you should be asked “If you were a potluck item, what would you be?” We have had a lot more chips and soda people hired in the last year.
61. My cubicle anthem is the album “Back in Black” by AC/DC
62. I very rarely wear red
63. I like wearing black nail polish
64. I can’t figure out what to get for my tattoo
65. I know the lyrics to “Whoomp, there it is”
66. I saw Joey McIntyre (from New Kids on the Block) in concert four years ago, in Chicago, which I roadtripped with my friend, specifically to see him in concert
67. I always wanted a pony and never got one. However, now that I could potentially get my own I don’t want one, they are kind of scary
68. I love cover bands
69. My favorite thing to say is “Try to fight the stereotype”
70. Sometimes when I am in a co-op or organic grocery store I get a little overwhelmed, like all the other shoppers can tell that I am an imposter
71. The bike messengers in downtown Minneapolis scare me
72. I have a crush on the coffee guy that works at the Starbucks in my building
73. One time these especially hunky firefighters came to our door but it happened to be at the exact moment that Stacy (my cousin), Lucy (my niece) and I were wearing our matching pajamas (to take a photo) that our grandma made us
74. This year my Halloween costume (for the Halloween bar crawl) was jeans, my AC/DC t-shirt and guitar earrings. I believe I won the “Lamest Attempt at a Costume” contest
75. I hate the font Comic Sans
76. I have never completely made it through an entire issue of Harpers Literary Magazine, which I have a subscription for
77. I hate dolphins, I don’t think they are as nice as people want to believe
78. I drove around Ireland, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin (there was no parade because of the damn Hoof & Mouth thing) and kissed the Blarney Stone
79. I like the idea of protesting because I have really great ideas for signs
80. I ate Chinese takeout in a Paris Laundromat…more than once
81. Tour buses fascinate me. I want to know who they belong to
82. I rely on other blogs for my information
83. I celebrated when “gianormus” was made a word (now if only that damn spell-check would update it’s library)
84. One of my favorite lyrics are from Rilo Kiley, Portion for Foxes “There’s blood in my mouth ‘cause I’ve been biting my tongue all week/I keep on talking trash, but I never say anything”
85. 10 year high school reunion. Uh.
86. I have a lot of arch-enemies but people are telling me that I can only have one
87. I made it on the Metrodome Jumbotron twice (at one game) this past season
88. I have been to one Minnesota Swarm (professional Lacrosse) game, two Minnesota Timberwolves games, two pre-season Minnesota Vikings games and 100+ Minnesota Twins games
89. I am left handed (I think Stacy made me left handed)
90. I make a lot of fun of the Minnesota suburbs: Anoka (Crystal Meth jokes), Edina (snobs), Maple Grove (fancy), Norwood-Young America (too many to list)
91. There is nothing better in this world than fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. Nothing.
92. Sometimes I have to stop and think if I said something out loud or in my head
93. I read fast but not so fast that I am a freak of nature
94. I don’t like doing things I don’t want to do (I really have to make myself do them)
95. I don’t like driving on highways/freeways in the Twin Cities
96. I use reverse psychology on my team-mates and it works most of the time
97. I hate checking voicemail on my cell or work phones. I have no idea why
98. Sometimes when I am on a conference call and I get asked a question but I wasn’t paying attention I say that I was multitasking but I was really looking out my window making up stories about the people walking by
99. I introduced the term “bromance” (non-sexual man-crush) to my office of 150 people
100. I “heart” Dollar Dog Night at the Metrodome (especially with Twingo)

She won’t want me to do it…
Happy Birthday to Amy, my B.F.F, fellow cubicle-dweller, office gossip-monger and my baseball partner in crime!!!


Nick N. said...

Congrats on 100! I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Jeff said...

Bromance?! That's effin' gold.

As for the rest of it, it's kinda freakin' me out. Blue Moon? Harry Potter? Left-handed? Rilo Kiley? I don't want to alarm you, but we may be inadvertent clones.

Congratulations! (not the clone part, the blog part)

Karleeee said...

you make me smile darling.
we need to go to a game together next year.

It is quite a must I say.
I'll have someone to sing livin on a prayer at the dome without someone saying "who sings this" and i say "Zomg bon jovi wtf lol" and they say "keep it that way" back.

and I agree with the cloning.
riesling wine. check.
HP. check.
left handed. check.
classic rock check.

i can go on haha.

Anonymous said...

40. I love the smell of vanilla frosting, freshly mowed grass and lilacs

I love two of those three. I could care less for Lilacs.

anyway, congrats on the 100! I like reading your blog, even though I think this is the first time I have actually commented