Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don’t you stop/Everybody wants you/But you can’t say no/If you even try

Friday’s Game
Twins 7, Red Sox 6
Son of a bitch, that was an awesome game. Of course, once again with my impeccable timing I missed the best part. I watched until 9:15 and then I had to head downtown to 7th Street Entry to catch VHS or Beta in concert (if you haven’t listened to them before GO and DO it!) Thanks to Oh, Those Girls for giving me the score between opening bands so I could dance freely and with a full heart of win! (Cheesy, I know.) You can read my review (which is oh, so witty) below in the Non-Baseball section.

Saturday’s Game
Twins 2, Red Sox 5
Thoughts?* I was nerdily excited to see Matsuzaka pitch.
* They are saying that Neshek would be out for the rest of the season.
* Punto is headed to the 15-day DL.

Non-baseball but no less important
Last night I headed to 7th Street Entry (the small venue in First Ave) to see VHS or Beta in concert (for the fourth time, thank you very much.) Whilst the day progressed I had a jumble of emotions of whether I really wanted to go or not. You see, it was going to be a late show and well, it was nearing the end of Jenapalooza and I was tiring fast. I did what every obsessive compulsive person would do; I created a mental Pros and Cons list in my head:
Pro – I really loved the band
Con – They wouldn’t be on stage until 11:30
Pro – I could socialize with co-workers I had never hung out with before
Con – It was at 7th Street Entry
Pro – K, my connection, got me on the list so I wouldn’t have to buy tickets.
Con – With three kids at the house I knew I would be up at 7:00 a.m. the next morning.
Pro – Dudes! It’s a concert!

So, off I trotted to 7th Street Entry, which if any of you have been there before you KNOW how horrendous the bathroom (singular) is. The mainroom (First Ave) was hosting a wrestling show. As in, honest to God WWF wrestling, satin pants, folding chairs and horrible music. I met up with my people, grabbed a can of Strongbow Cider and watched the music unfold.
First Band – Maps of Norway
Fun band, interesting sound, about a dozen people listening.

Second Band – Tiger City
Unusually awesome, I was surprised by how much I liked them.

What we were all there to see – VHS or Beta
The sound of VHS or Beta could be described as a mix between The Cure, The Killers and Franz Ferdinand. We were smack dab at the front of the stage right in front of the guitar player. Oh, on a slightly inappropriate side note: the tight pants that are so in fashion right now leave very little to the imagination. Out of the five band members I could tell you which way three of them hang. Know what I mean? Whew, sassy.

So, in conclusion: A great show, great people, good beer, lots of dancing (my feet were a little sore this morning) and loud music.

Music of the Day
One of my favorite songs from their newest album, Bring on the Comets

VHS or Beta – Can’t Believe a Single Word
VHS Or Beta - Can't Believe A Single Word

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