Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So kiss me again/Cause only you can stop this stut-stut-stut-stuttering/Kiss me again

Weekend Recap
Now, before you guys get all up in my grill (hey, I used a slightly outdated hip-hop reference) about now posting anything this weekend let me just say…I was busy drinking and hanging out. Sheesh.

Friday 5/23
Twins 9, Detroit 4

Saturday 5/24
Twins 3, Detroit 19

Sunday 5/25
Twins 6, Detroit 1

I know we technically “won” the series but there is just something not right about losing to a score of 19. Those are football numbers!

We have the next three games in KC and we could really use a little boost so when we come home to the Yankees we are ready to go. I have gone against all that I believe in and will be attending Friday’s game against the Yankees with my friend Steve. We will be sitting in swanky seats (he gets them from the law firm he works for) and hopefully no blood will be shed. I just really get a little peeved seeing all the Yankee fans come out of the woodwork and attending my game. Get it, “my game.” Mooooving on.

* Evidently someone submitted a Twins Mailbag question that asked if Bonser should be sent to the Minors.
* Remember how I always complain that every game I go to has Bonsor pitching? Well, it appears he is the scheduled pitcher for Friday’s game.

Non-baseball but no less important

You say cabin, I say bar
Cabin! Bar! Cabin! Bar!
Whilst 80% of Minnesotans headed to the North, South, West and Wisconsin I optioned to stay in the city. I say “optioned” like I had a cabin to go to. For those of us who stayed in town the weekend was filled with alcohol, strange weather, and lazy days.

Happy Birthday Tiff (of the Monday Night Happy Hour Tiff)
Last night we celebrated our usual Monday Night Happy Hour but since it was a holiday and Tiff’s birthday we changed it up a bit. We started at 3:00 p.m. and made merry at Chino Latino. Mmm…great food (including sushi), great drinks and lots of inappropriate conversations (mostly American Idol chatter – the Monday Night HH crew really loves the show too.) Here are a few photos:

Vegan Joe, Tiff & Ryan (Kris was in Iowa)

The mermaid V. Joe made out with

David Cook, random I know but he was a very important topic at MNHH (and he's dreamy)

It's just V. Joe loitering at the bus stop

Music of the Day
I know you have seen the Dentyne Ice commercial with the animated frog/princess/prince/kiss show. The song that is playing has been stuck in my head for MONTHS! So, I did what any good red-blooded freak would do…I Googled it. I give you…

Ben’s Brothers – Stuttering (commercial version)

For the full song click here.

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Anonymous said...

Per Twins website Perkins is now scheduled to start on Friday...
Boof probably to bullpen when Baker returns...Hhhmmmm.