Wednesday, May 14, 2008

X, Y, Z/Now I know my ABCs/Next time won't you sing with me

Seriously folks, Livan Hernandez is 6-1.

Tuesday’s game – Twins 3, Jays 5
Gomez and Kubel hit homeruns, Morneausey missed on by <__> this much and Slowey did okay (just okay.)

Tonight’s matchup is Halladay and Boof. Boof has a 2-4 record right now and maybe since Amy and I aren’t actually at the game (a first during a Boof-pitched game) it will take some of the pressure off.

Extra! Extra
Great expectations for Rincon with Neshek out -
I know some of my blog readers are just as nervous as I am regarding this headline.
Last-place Blue Jays knock off first-place Twins
Inside Baseball: From sluggers galore to sluggers no more, the power’s out in the AL
The league once chewed up and spit out has-been ex-NL pitchers such as Livan Hernandez and Sidney Ponson. But Hernandez is 6-1 and Ponson has a 3.18 ERA.

Non-baseball but no less important

Ah, here we are at the middle of the week. Life is calm and orderly – no parties, no shenanigans. I will leave you with three very random topics to discuss amongst yourselves.

A thin line between funny and having a social worker called…
Lucy, age 3: May I have some beer, please?
Pause whilst Stacy and I hide our faces and uncontrollable laughter.
Stacy: No, but thank you for asking so nicely.
See, manners matter.

That guy…
You know that guy in the Starbucks line who talks loud enough so everyone can overhear his very important conversation. He also is fond of looking around to make sure people are watching. Thankfully I can alter my look of disdain to one of cool-indifference in a flash.
I assume…he is married with kids, has a stay-at-home wife. He is most likely in lower-management and his employees secretly mock him. Yeah, thank you for the topic Coffee Guy.

Goth Prom
So, I got a weird text message from an old college friend last night. Normally she only sends me a message when she’s having a go-party (just an address and theme, but I never “go”) however last night it was a personalized message: Jen, we are at Goth Prom at Saloon. Stop by and see our costumes.
Yeah, I didn’t stop by because the idea of goth costumes at the Saloon kind is a little overwhelming (especially after having three glasses of wine.) When I got in the office this morning I Googled my little fingers off trying to see what Goth Prom was. Well, it is literally a Goth Theme party at the Saloon Dance Club. I found a slide show that has very interesting and entertaining photos which you can view here.

Political Schmolitical

Yeah, see the zubaz in the photo?
The Republican National Convention unveiled their new clothing line.

Music of the Day
Here is my own personal Beethoven playing the ABCs on the piano.

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Anonymous said...

I honestly don't even know what to say about Livan Hernandez. I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out, but somehow, despite looking consistently mediocre, he keeps pulling it off.

I think I might love him.