Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think you’re loving/But you don’t love me/I want to be free/Baby you’ve hurt me, you don’t love me

Instead of reflecting on all that I have missed blogging about let’s just move on.

Monday night baseball games are always a challenge because my Aunt K gets to the remote-controller first so by the time I drift in from Monday Night Happy Hour she is deep in to watching Three and a Half Men. Oh, and I just found out that she likes the sitcom after that also. Damn it, I lose the middle hour of the game to sometimes-funny shows.

Here are my thoughts and/or reflections:
* I tried to stay awake but my alarm goes off at 5:15 a.m. so I went to bed at the top of the 12th and of course missed all the good stuff. I did get to see it all on the morning sports shows.
* There are many (I would need both hands to count) of you out there that have expressed displeasure/disgust over Rincon being put into games.
* Although I am extremely pleased with how the game ended I would have liked to see Livan at bat again. See here.
* Oh, Those Girls were damn right about how C.J. Wilson is a hottie-biscotti (allow me a moment to girl-out.)
* I like that Dick & Bert really focused on the fact that Gardy went to walk out to remove (I assume) Rincon from the inning but the ump wouldn’t let him. “That must be the most productive almost-visit to the mound.” I also tried to read Gardy’s lips when he got back to the dugout but even I don’t know some of those swear words.
* Amy (my baseball partner in crime) is in San Francisco for business this week and is unavailable for baseball commentary so when I made my deal with the devil/Baby Jesus to get a home run in the 9th I had to have my Aunt K be my notary. However she, being evil, decided to up the ante and not use my standard bet “If Baby Jesus gets a homerun I will say only nice positive things about him.” No, if Baby Jesus got a homerun I would have to write a nice letter to him which I would hand over to my Aunt K to do with it what she wanted. Argh!

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to reflect on past games but here are a few items of interest:
* The Rockies have a gorgeous stadium which housed a lot of Twins fans.
* To the people sitting in the first row behind home plate. Please. Stop. Talking. On. Your. Cell. Phone. And. Waving. At. The. Camera. It makes me want to flip you off.

Non-baseball but no less important

Overheard on the Ghetto #5 by me:
Crazy guy on the bus preaching to everyone: “I am your King. He is your Jesus.”
Bus driver: “Sit down and shut up”
Crazy guy to bus driver: “In my next life I am going to come back as your supervisor and make your life hell.”
Bus driver: “Yeah, well I am going to come back as a Transit cop and arrest your crazy ass.”

Ah, the bus is never boring.

Weekend Recap
* Friday was the big New Kids on the Block Reunion (on the Today Show.) Now this may draw some eye-rolling from you guys, my loyal blog readers, but I totally “hearted” NKOTB when I was 10ish. Friday morning two of my co-workers and I parked ourselves in front of the television (which is only supposed to show CNBC Market Watch) in order to watch our boys perform. Tickets for the 10/21/08 Minneapolis concert go on sale June 2.
* Saturday was Lucy’s 3rd Birthday Party! Lots of kids, pretty cupcakes and one giant hamster wheel sealed the day.

* Sunday was the Minnesota Aids Walk. Ryan and I volunteered with our Giant Corporation X, who sponsored a Rest Stop (#2, the best Rest Stop of the walk.) There were pom-poms, cheering, a DJ, fruit, water and crazy people watching.

Music of the Day
You may have heard of Duffy since her song “Mercy” is played on VH1 and she’s MTV’s Artist of the Week but she is much more than all that promotional drama. Check out this great video of her newest single “Warwick Avenue.”

Duffy – Warwick Avenue


Katie said...

Ah...C.J. Unlike most baseball players, I think he got HOTTER the worse he was at baseball. God Bless 'im.

Once last season I made a deal that if Jason Kubel hit a 2-out homerun, I would make a very special "I Love Jason Kubel" t-shirt and wear it to the Dome. Thankfully, he did NOT. I am very glad that you didn't have to write an embarrassing letter to Baby Jesus. Although, I'm sure he gets them all the time.

linda said...

that is a pretty fun looking plate of cupcakes!