Friday, May 2, 2008

Fed up with your indigestion/Swallow words one by one/Your folks got high at a quarter to five

It looks like I will be an uber-attending fan this week. I went on Tuesday 4/29, Wednesday 4/30 and now I am going on Sunday 5/4. I totally spaced on having our season tickets for that game. Thank goodness for Amy and her calendar. (You’ll see below in the non-baseball section that I had to do some plan rearranging.)

Speaking of going to Sunday’s game…
It looks like Boof will be pitching that day. I am not complaining but the last two games Amy and I went to (sitting in our season ticket seats) Boof was pitching. I would like to see another pitcher in action. (Plus, the crowd around us can be Boof-brutal sometimes.)

Extra! Extra
Fan Survey – MLB Ballpark Ranking

In baseball conclusion
Thanks for all the great birthday messages!!! Ann, thanks for the music-props. I always end up bugging everyone to check out a new song so now I can force it on all my blog readers. (Make sure to check out the catchy ones below!)

Non-baseball but no less important

Day after
I always like to tally my birthday wishes (remember the narcissism) and pick out the strangest ones.

Let’s see…
* I received birthday email cards from Carnival Cruise Line, Borders Book Store, Facebook, Caribou and Cold Stone Creamery.
* I actually got a shout out from the Caribou coffee guy when I went in to get my free coffee. There was even a “Woo-woot” involved. Eek.
* The guy who waters our office plants wished me “a very, very special day” (in creepy sort of way.)
* Lucy sang me “happy birthday” last night at the Cupcake CafĂ©.
* My dear friend Liat surprising me at Happy Hour last night!
* Phone calls from all over the place!
* Lovely messages.
* One of my old school blogger friends (halliegolightly) sent me these two hilarious (and highly appropriate) cards. She may not understand my obsessions but she supports it!

Twilight, the movie
Gossip Girl
Glitch in Jenapalooza 08
I knew I couldn’t pack my schedule so full and not expect a snafu. I completely and utterly spaced on having tickets to Sunday’s Minnesota Twins (vs. Detroit Tigers) baseball game. So, the plans I had for Sunday had to be rescheduled and squeezed in on Saturday.

Music of the Day
I am LOVING the music on the newest iPod commercial. After some quick World Wide Web searching I found the song “Shut up and Let Me Go” by The Ting Tings. Then, fate stepped in and made one of their other songs the free download this week. Check out the commercial (only 30 seconds long) and then enjoy the full length of “Great DJ.” Now you know what I am dancing in my cubicle to.

Ting Tings – Shut up & Let Me Go

Ting Tings – Great DJ

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