Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wasted away again in Margaritaville/Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt/Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame

Man, I love when Blackburn pitches because it gives me a chance to mess around with Amy. She loves/hates it when I break out into song when he is up to pitch.
Blackburn singing in the dead of night/take these broken wings and learn to fly

Ah, I get my jollies when I can.

Speaking of last night's game
Well, a lot of swear words were coming out of my mouth last night. Let’s see…
Nathan, Nathan, Nathan – you caused more f-bombs and sonofbeetches to explode in my livingrom. (and one tiny “Oh no you didn’t.)

The blogosphere is all a-flutter with talk of who will be sent down when Punto and Baker are back up. I don’t really have a response at this moment but…it does give us all something to think about. Thanks to Krissy I now know that Perkins will be pitching at my game on Friday. I can’t help but wonder what kind of curse-words Oh, Those Girls are thinking/saying right now.

The Lighter Side

Ah, Dick & Bert - Okay, someone else had to hear Bert talking about his toenail (or lack there for of.) Hey, maybe I will show you in the post-game show.

Oh, Its Those Girls (two references in one post!) had an awesome post regarding Carlos Gomez’s quotes.

Allow me a moment… Baby Jesus didn’t shave. He looks at least 21 now.

Since I have kind of hit a roadblock when it comes to baseball blogger (bad blogger) I give you some fun photos (not taken by me) of ceremonial first pitches.

First (and foremost) our reigning American Idol. Now, before you all start grumbling you should know that David Cook is my newest not-so-secret crush. And since I have 100% control over this blog I am putting up two photos. So there.

What the hell is Ace Young (from American Idol, and yes I had to look it up because I didn’t have a flying clue) doing wearing a Twins outfit? He was part of the MLB Baseball for Kids Weekend (in 2007.)

Ah, the Donald. Yes, I could find a more flattering photo but I chose not to use it.

Chewy! Come on, this is hella funny!

Not to be outdone…a monkey.

Becks! I “heart” David Beckham. I know some of you rough and tough baseball guys are rolling your eyes but the world can’t be wrong, can it?

Can’t forget his wife Posh (aka Victoria Beckham.) She doesn’t bother me at all. I find her amusing and in a twisted way, sweet.

Music of the Day
No, smartasses (you know who you are) I am not posting a David Cook video/song. I am waiting until an official one is released so there. Here is Lucy (age 3, going on 14) performing “Margaritaville.” Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next American Idol (in like 15 years) and she can use this blog as a “funny thing” to show the world.

Lucille Eskedar – Margaritaville


Ann said...

I << heart >> David Cook too!
And let's throw in David Beckham while we're at it.
I wish that Portland had an actual ball team.
We're just a little ol' Triple A team. You have so much more fun.
Have fun Saturday night!!!

realityfish.com said...

Poor Blackburn *nuzzles*

Katie said...

I'm OK with Boof going to the bullpen, actually. Remember when he got sent there last season? I totally made that happen with my mind, because I like to sit over there and thought "if they send Boof to the Bullpen, his antics can entertain me."

and voila! It happened.

We're going to the game on Saturday, which will probably be Boof's last start...it seems fitting. I'm at peace with it...very zen-like. Plus now I won't have to contemplate homicide everytime someone near me boos him. Everyday I stay out of prison is a good one.