Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You’ve got the money maker/This is your change to make it/Out oh yeah/You’ll get out oh yeah

About Last Night…
Twins 11, Rangers 4
Here are the notes I jotted down whilst watching the game last night:
* The Twins first hit comes from our lead-off man, Gomez and it’s a speedy triple. I see that the Metrodome crowd is on their feet.
* Pause in the game to answer Amy’s phone call. (She’s in San Francisco all week and it’s been tough without her to chat to.)
*Bottom of the 3rd, errors and small balls get the score to 6 7 8 9.
* Thoughts on Josh Hamilton – he has wicked cool tattoos (or tats) and does he really need that much chew/seeds shoved in his cheek pocket?
* Another pause in the game – Amy called to check in since she just got back from walking around Chinatown. Yeah, she explored Chinatown and I sat on my sofa.
* Thoughts on the home plate umpire – his flamboyant strike calls make me chuckle and did anyone else notice his foo-manchu mustache (or ‘stache) when he took his mask off?
* The guy in the crowd who was chanting/jeering during the 7th needed to shut the fuck up. Usually I am all for that but it shouldn’t last a whole inning and I am sure he pissed off the people around him.
* Did anyone else catch the guy yelling “Come on, punch it!”?

Other baseball notes:
* Tolbert is scheduled for surgery this week and be out for potentially two months.
* Rincon – I keep asking the television why Gardy keeps putting him in! I guess we got our answer via a quote from a Star Tribune article:

"It comes in spurts," Gardenhire said. "He just needs to get a little more consistency. [Monday] he was just misfiring it. He'll be back out there. He'll get plenty more chances."
*Span out with a broken finger.
* I love reading comments after articles on Star Tribune. There is always so much drama…fighting, petty blows and correcting the writer (and working hard to find a mistake so they can be the ones to write that comment.)
* Sidney Ponson is pitching tonight…hee hee hee.

Extra! Extra!
The Bizarro Supermen
The Rays, Arizona Diamondbacks and Minnesota Twins, which according to are the three youngest teams in baseball when it comes to position players, were a combined 74-57 (.565) through Sunday, with a total payroll cost of $167 million. The three oldest clubs, the Blue Jays, Yankees and Tigers, were a combined 60-74 (.448) at a cost of $445 million.

The chatty Percival (Rays pitcher) keeps players loose and humble. For instance, he promised to fine pitcher Matt Garza, who was obtained in a trade with the Twins, $500 every time he acted like a jerk on the mound, though Percival used a more colorful term.
"What's the matter? Nobody in Minnesota ever said you acted like a [jerk]?" Percival asked him.
"Uh, yeah, they did," Garza admitted.

Non-baseball but no less important
Girlcrush vs. Bromance
In the Land O’Cubicles I have single-handedly brought the term “Bromance” to fruition. Bromance – describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males. I love the term and it fits with so many situations. However, the men don’t like to be called out on having “bromances,” they feel it is emasculating. I think a similar term that is applied to females is “Girlcrush.” After much thought and discussion it is almost unanimous that women don’t mind their “straight girl’s crush on another girl” definition to be called a “girlcrush.” So men, why is a bromance so tough to take? Is the word itself? Let’s ponder.

Music of the Day
H introduced me to Rilo Kiley a few years ago after luring me to a concert and ever since I have been a fan. I have already posted their first single from the newest album “Under the Blacklight” on my blog (Silver Lining) but this is the newest single hitting the airwaves.

Rilo Kiley – The Moneymaker


James said...

'bromance' is a better term and 'non sexual man crush'

Ann said...

Ah... guys can be so uptight.
"Bromance" is real. How else do you explain all of those boys walking around with Zac Efron haircuts?
(Hey Jen, I've put a link to your blog on my site. I hope you're o.k. with that. :-> )

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

James, the guys at the office hate (HATE) "non-sexual man crush." I tend to use that one more when we are at the bar (and for some reason my voice projects at a higher volume.)

Ann, ah yes...the Zac Efron hair. It really is only cute on him. Thanks for the link add! I commented on your Ting Tings post :)

caryn said...

" The Twins first hit comes from our lead-off man, Gomez and it’s a speedy triple."

*stab through heart*

I hope you're feeling REALLY good about your trade these days.