Thursday, May 1, 2008

Once I had a love and it was a gas/Soon turned out had a heart of glass/Seemed like the real thing

First baseball and then I will give in to my inner-narcissism

Second game of Jenapalooza – Twins 4, White Sox 3
I have self-titled my two weeks of birthday events as “Jenapalooza” and I do so knowing it is extremely obnoxious and narcissistic (evidently the word of the day.) Yesterday I was at the game with Third Base Line in her fantastic Section 117, Row 6, Seat 27 and 28 seats.

Now, I have been keeping pretty damn accurate scorecards every game I have attended this season…except for yesterday. I did attempt to keep a scorecard and even wrote in the lineups but due to the fantastic seats and funny people I couldn’t even start the first inning. Oh well, I get a free pass.
Notes from the game:
* TBL and the other season ticket holders around us are f-ing hilarious with their commentary.
* We had the World’s Most Obnoxious White Sox Fan Girl (aka president of the Nick Swisher Fan Club, aka Vice President of the AJ Pierzynski fan club) near us. She would stand and block our view whilst mouthing off about some trivial thing.
* Sweet justice was had when she begged for a ball from The Swish and someone else snagged it. Oh man, was she pissed off and upset. We laughed much harder than necessary but like I said…sweet justice.
* You really realize that these ball players are trained athletes when they are running and stopping and falling and diving and catching smack dab in front of you.
* The players are really chatty with the umpires.
* That piss-poor call at home plate got the crowd on their feet booing and then grumbling when they wouldn’t show the replay to validate our booing.

Photos of the game

The Swish and Baby Jesus

Is there anything more frightening than a giant costumed bear with a t-shirt gun? Anyone else think he has a maniacal look on his face?

Finally, for those of you who still love A.J.

So, thanks TBL! I had a great time being so close to the action.

Non-baseball but no less important

The Last Supper (at age 28)

I know, this is very random but here is what I had for my last meal at age 28….omelette and Blue Moon beer.

They say’s it’s my birthday…

…and they would be correct. This morning I awoke to birthday messages on Facebook (we are in a modern age) and voicemails. In the Land O’Cubicles I have balloons, a New Kids on the Block/Pete Doherty poster (homemade) and coffee gift cards (they know me so well.)

Music of the Day
According to Billboard magazine the #1 song on the actual day of my birth was Heart of Glass by Blondie.

Blondie – Heart of Glass


Katie said...

The pic of A.J. looking into the stands is FANTASTIC.

I hope your B-Day is the awesomest.

James said...

happy birthday!

MG said...

happy birthday jen!!

sad is that i remember when heart of glass was #1.

very well.

being old = saw lots of cool shows before you were born


Ann said...

Happy Birthday!
I've been visiting your blog for a few months now and I need to formally 'thank you' for keeping me in proper-music-alignment.
You're my audio touchstone.
I hope your day was great!